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Appalachia Proud: Mountains of Potential

field with haybales at dawn

First introduced by Kentucky Proud in 2014, the Appalachia Proud brand celebrates the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of Kentucky’s Appalachian farmers while honoring the region’s rich agricultural traditions.

appalachia proud logo over cabbage background

Steeped in Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Historically, the unique landscape of this region required different approaches to agricultural practices compared to other areas of the state. Unlike the horse farms dotting the gently rolling hills of the Bluegrass Region or the larger farms laid out across the rich river flatlands of Western Kentucky, the mountainous terrain that makes up much of the Appalachian region in Kentucky has traditionally facilitated smaller scale production with a focus on a large variety of crops and animals. In other words, grow and raise as much as you can in the space provided.

For generations, coal has been the lifeline to much of Eastern Kentucky. While coal continues to be an impactful industry, significant efforts have been made in recent years to introduce new job opportunities and promote a diversification of industries to Kentucky’s Appalachian region. We think there’s no better way to look to the future than to build from the past. Appalachia Proud promotes the agricultural efforts and quality farm products from a region steeped in history with Mountains of Potential.

In 2019, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture added 17 eligible counties to use the Appalachia Proud logo on labels and promotional materials and in 2020 unveiled a redesigned logo that we think perfectly captures the agricultural heritage of Appalachia Kentucky.